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Rafting on the river Una


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RAFTING is type of sport where a group of people go down the white water in rubber boats (rafts) looking for some good time, excitement and adventure. For recreational rafting no special skills are necessary. Each boat has a skipper that guides the boat through the rapids and waterfalls and whoes instructions are to be followed. Each rafter is equiped with safety vest, helmet, neoprene suit and shoes and paddle. Rafting on Una river is organized in period from April to October depending on the level of the river... more


The City of Bihac is situated in the NW part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it covers 900 square kilometers. Bihac is the administrative center the Una-Sana Canton. The city is located at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. International border crossing Izacic is only 12 kilometers away from the city center. Population of Bihac municipality is estimated to 70,000. Average altitude of the city is 231 meters. Climate is moderate continental, summers are long and dry and winters are cold with lot of snow...more


Our center is situated in the middle of National Park UNA, only 30 minutes drive from Bihac center, in a natural environment surrounded by natural beauties. Two medieval fortresses, Ostrovica on its western side and Havala on eastern side, rise above the center offering magnificent scenery you can only imagine. The most stunning waterfalls of Una river, Strbacki buk and Martin Brod are attractions you must see during your stay as they are only a short distance from our center...more

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While staying at our center you can use your free time to go fishing on river Una. There are 4 fishing areas inside the National Park Una and our center is in the middle of one of them. ...more


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